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SD Elite Physical Therapy

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Each team member at SD Elite Physical Therapy is a California Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. This means that we specialize in biomechanics, human anatomy and more-over the CAUSE of pain. We want you to live long, happy and healthy, while continuing the activities that you love. 

SD Elite Physical Therapy

How We Can Help You

Our team is not limited to just improving performance. We provide an array of skills for injury and pain rehabilitation, ranging, but not limited to, low back pain to total knee replacement surgery.  

SD Elite Physical Therapy

Feel the Difference

You won't just see an improvement, you'll feel the improvement! Our goal is to decrease your pain - and score card -for the long run. We provides a scientific breakdown of each movement involved in a golf swing to make you play more effectively and efficiently.

Our Services

Sports Perfromance
Personal Training


Our therapists are CSCS certified which means they have an Elite level of knowledge when it comes to training and exercise. The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification is nationally recognized and only distributed to those who are experts in the field of exercise. 


Injury Rehabilitation


Our team's goal is to rehabilitate your injury back to functional health though exercise and proper performance. Pain medications and injections only mask your symptoms. We want to fix the cause of the injury so that you live your life pain-free!

Injury Prevention


Although we can rehabilitate injuries, we would prefer to prevent the injury in the first place. Our skilled biomechanics specialists can help you for the long run, allowing you to play and perform for years to come.

Our Team

John Dawson, SD Elite, Physical Therapy, Vista, 510 Hacienda Dr, golf, Manual Therapy, Exercise

Dr. John Dawson PT, DPT, CSCS, TPI

John graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine, San Marcos. Along with his doctorate, he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, which is one of the highest post-bachelor’s degree, exercise physiology certifications in the country. One of John’s many passions in this world is golf. He loves everything about the sport, which led him to specialize in golf performance and rehabilitation as a career. John is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, ensuring that you are getting the highest quality training and instruction and with each session! To top it off, John also received his bachelor’s degree in Spanish, which allows him to help and communicate with a vast number of people in our community! From low back pain to post-op total knee replacement rehab, John can help you get back to happy and healthy living. Come in and ask for John. He is always happy to help! 

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Pain and weakness in the hands

Dr. Dawson's extensive knowledge was evident to me from the beginning of our first visit. He recognized the cause of the pain and weakness in my thumbs, and prescribed a regimen for me that has provided immense relief for that problem. In addition, he helped me by preparing custom videos of his prescribed exercise routines designed to strengthen my injured knee. Not only did he personally show me the exact ways to move my knee and position my body during the exercises, but I have found at home that I sometimes refer to the videos he made while we were together, for clarification. I appreciate Dr. Dawson's patient and caring approach. I felt that he was working for me, every minute of our time together. I hope to enjoy practicing for at least another 20 years, and I believe that Dr. Dawson will help me achieve that goal! 

-James Perkins, D.V.M.

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SD Elite Physical Therapy

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